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When deciding whether or not to spend money on teeth whitening, you should not overlook the social impact that this can have on your life. While many people whiten their teeth for professional reasons or to please their significant other, there are many other social reasons to do this procedure that people often overlook. Some of the potential social impacts of teeth whitening are discussed below with real world examples given to illustrate the point.

One of the first things people notice about you is your teeth. If you have a pleasant smile showing white teeth, they will respond to you differently than if you have yellow teeth. They will tend to trust you more and automatically like you more. They may not even realize why they are reacting to you in a more positive way but they will almost always respond accordingly. Perhaps most important in how they react to you, they will subconsciously respect you more if you have white teeth and seem well groomed. This is something programmed intrinsically into basic human nature.

If you have children, you are no doubt frequently interacting with other adults about your children. These other adults include teachers, school administrators, coaches, doctors, sales clerks, and other parents. When there is one-hundred percent mutual respect between you as the parent and the other adults in your children’s lives, they will fare much better. You will be able to more easily work out a cooperative plan of action that will greatly benefit your children. If you are a parent, for this reason alone, don’t underestimate the importance of a pearly white smile.

People that have a white teeth, and a corresponding beautiful smile, tend to have much more respect in the community in which they live. Imagine that you attend a city council meeting and decide to make a public comment. You get up in front of the city council members and the spectators in the room and as you make you make your statement with your pearly white teeth gleaming and sparkling. Now, imagine the same scenario where you have dingy looking yellow teeth or perhaps you try not to smile at all because you’re afraid of showing your yellow teeth. You’ll most definitely get more respect if you have pearly white teeth and the nice bright friendly smile as you speak. With more respect, people will take what you have to say more seriously. You’ll automatically carry more weight in the community.

There are many other social situations where having people automatically respond to you in a more positive way can make your life much easier. For example, suppose you buy a house in a new neighborhood and you find that your neighbor’s cat is attacking the birds at your bird feeder. This can be a very delicate situation to discuss with your new neighbor as they obviously love their precious feline and you obviously love birds since you put up a bird feeder! There are certainly ways to solve this problem but it all hinges on how you and your new neighbor get along the first time you meet. Having a pearly white smile from teeth whitening can help set the tone when you go over to chat with your new neighbor about the problem. In fact, it could make all the difference in the world in how they respond to what you say.

There are many other small social perks of teeth whitening too that all add up to make your life more pleasant. For example, suppose you go to the meat market to order some T-bone steaks for a party. The butcher behind the counter is only human. He or she will respond accordingly and will often give you a better cut of meat if they subconsciously like you more. The same would be true of the grocery counter worker who is dishing up your Chinese food take-out. Here’s another interesting example. If you get stopped for speeding, the police officer will either write you a ticket or send you on your way with just a warning. A person with a pearly white smile has a better chance at the latter more preferable outcome than someone who is showing yellow teeth when they hand the officer their license.

The social impact of teeth whitening is far greater than most people imagine it to be because it is often subtle in how it actually works in each individual case. However, all of these subtle influences do add up to something quite substantial and can impact your life quite significantly.